Time Management

One of the biggest problems people face, especially students, is time... or lack thereof. Below you will find some TIME MANAGEMENT challenges that I hope will intrigue or inspire you to help you make the best use of the time you have available. To learn more, take a look below to see if there is a challenge you want to try... and for more information about writing up your blog post, see the extra credit challenges page.

Learn about time management. Read about time management (or watch a video) and share your thoughts in a blog. I've bookmarked some good resources here: Time Resources. Feel free to repeat this challenge as many times as you want... there are so many good resources to learn from online! Just to take one example, here is a very informative video about the ways we think about time, with the result that our own thoughts undermine our goals: The Science of Procrastination.

Share a resource. Do you have a video or online article about time and time management that you would like to recommend? That would be great! Write up a post about the resource and why you like it (if it's a video, include the video in your post; here's how), and then I'll add it to the class resources.

Review your schedule for this class. Back in Week 1 you made a schedule for this class, figuring out how to spread your 6-hour time commitment over the week; you may have revised that schedule since then. For this challenge, write up a blog post where you state your current 6-hour schedule for the class, and then see if that is working well for you. Are you getting the work done? Do you have a good energy level for the days/times you have chosen to do the work for this class? Check the Chart to see if you are on schedule to finish the class early with the grade you want. Would it be worthwhile to do some more extra credit to get farther ahead? Write up your thoughts in a blog post.

Grace period: set a goal. This is a variation on the previous challenge. If your schedule for this class is not working well, you might find yourself using the grace period a lot, or you might even be getting some "grace period is over" emails. That is a sign that your schedule for the class is not working. So, set a goal for next week to not use the grace period, except for a true emergency, some event that comes up totally out of the blue. Review your schedule for the class, make any changes that you think you need to make (check in with me if you'd like some help with that), and then see if you can do all the work based on your schedule next week, not using the grace period at all next week. Then you can write up a blog post about that for the challenge: if you met your goal, you can give yourself a pat on the back, and if you did not meet your goal, you can use the blog post to brainstorm some different strategies to try for the next week!

Try the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro strategy uses a timer to help you pace your work. You can read more about it here: Pomodoro Resources. It gets its name from the tomato-shaped timer; "pomodoro" is Italian for tomato — but you can do the challenge with any kind of timer, including a computer timer like Google Timer. So, read up on the Pomodoro strategy, give it a try, and write up a blog post with your results. If you want to work on this technique every week, go for it! You can apply this type of time management strategy to all kinds of life and work habits. With practice, you can become a Pomodoro Master.

Share your Time tip(s). I'm guessing pretty much everybody has some time management strategies that really do work well, so figure out what your best time tip(s) are and then write that up in a blog post. Maybe other students in class can benefit from a strategy you are using!

Find a favorite time meme. I've got lots of time (and procrastination) memes, quotes, and cartoons here at this blog, so you can browse around and see if you find one that really grabs you. When you've found one (or more) that you like, write a blog post with your thoughts. Or maybe you have some time or procrastination memes, quotes, or cartoons that you have saved: that would be great! To do the challenge, find your favorite(s) either here at the blog or on the Internet, and then share that in a blog post at your blog, along with your thoughts and comments.

Make a Time meme. Maybe you know some powerful inspirational words about time and time management. If you do, then make a meme to share those words. There are lots of meme makers and quote makers you can use; for example, I used Automotivator for this German proverb about time and I published it in a blog post. So, using whatever tool you want (Automotivator, Canva, Cheezburger etc.), create your own meme about time and share what you create at your blog, along with your thoughts and comments.

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