Friday, August 16, 2019

Odysseus and Facebook

Here's a good one from Shoebox: in the ancient world, they were called Sirens; today... Facebook. You can read about the legend of Odysseus and the Sirens at Wikipedia, and, yes, this is where the modern English word "sirens" comes from!

What you should focus on

Things that matter and things that you can control: where they overlap is what you should focus on. And if you want to make a Venn diagram of your own, there are lots of Venn-diagram-makers. :-)

Things that matter.
Things you can control.
The intersection: what you should focus on.

A Field Guide to Procrastinators

Here is a great comic from twentypixels: A Field Guide to Procrastinators - click here for full-size image, and here is a link to more 20pixels comics. I created an animated GIF that goes through the items one by one:

And here is the poster: